Culture Audit Showcase Example (2017)

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In addition to the findings, trends and recommendations, the Pulse Culture Audit assesses and measures five specific area of cultural performance.

  1. The level of alignment staff, across the organisation, have for achieving the same strategic goals (collective engagement)
  2. The level of self-entitlement staff feel for their own outcomes, over the business’, when working (collective achievement)
  3. The level to which the Leadership is aligned to the same shared strategic goals and demonstrate the behaviours of ‘Wise Leaders’ (leadership)
  4. The degree to which staff would recommend an organisation to friends and family, as a place to work (Net promoter)
  5. The degree to which staff intend to leave within the organisation (Retention risk)

This Culture Audit Showcase is a real-life example based on an audit conducted in 2017.

30th April 2017