Published letter to The Guardian’s Editor

Dennis Bacon, Pulse UK’s Chairman and CEO, commented on the recent plights of the NHS in a featured letter to the editor of the Guardian newspaper.

Published on 25th June, you can read all the editors letters online at:

Guardian letterr to the editor from Dennis Bacon, Pulse UK Chairman on culture within the NHS

Dennis wrote in response to the recent issues at Gosport Hospital and Jeremy Hunt.

“Jeremy Hunt said the blame culture in the NHS must change to avoid more scandals like those tragically exposed at Gosport War Memorial hospital (Report, 21 June). Of course, there must be consequences where neglect or deliberate actions have caused harm, but to shift to a “learning culture” he must incentivise accountability among staff to foster a culture of openness and honesty. Lessons are only learned through honesty, transparency and an acceptance that accountability doesn’t necessarily lead to blame and punitive measures. Staff are the NHS’s biggest asset and by getting its workforce culture right, not only will Hunt improve patient safety and prevent future scandals such as the one at Gosport hospital, he will reduce the burden on staff that is making so many want to leave the NHS after so many years of service.”

26th June 2018