Pulse UK in the press…Every workplace can be like Team Sky

Today (3rd August 2018) UK CEO and Executive Chairman, Dennis Bacon, published an article in People Management magazine (online). You can read Dennis’ discussion on the power of Collective Achievement and how when, organisations understand and harness it, the outcome can be simply incredible.

People Management is the UK’s leading HR media brand. Many consider it the “go-to’ source for the latest news, opinions and insight for those working in the organisational people, culture and HR arena.

What does Dennis say?

Here is an exert from the article.

“Put simply, it is when everyone in a team knows what is expected of them and what goals they are working towards. It takes true accountability to ensure everyone does their bit to contribute to the overall objective. I like to think of it as: “When the team wins, we all win”. It may sound obvious, but in a societal culture of entitlement, there is plenty that prevents this from happening as soon as someone feels their needs may not be met. Groups of people can collaborate, but have competing aims and personal agendas. True collective achievement requires everyone to share the vision.”

You can read Dennis’ full commentary on the People Management website.

Article published on https://www.peoplemanagement.co.uk on 3rd August 2018.

3rd August 2018