– Peter Drucker

About Pulse

At Pulse UK, we specialise in one area and one area only, establishing the right, intentional culture for your organisation.

Thanks to significant psychological research and a deep understanding of what really motivates people, Pulse’s unique and innovative products provide a measurable understanding of any organisation’s culture. And with our supporting frameworks, Pulse has the proven ability to align people to purpose, to focus Leaders and Boards on the successful delivery of an organisation’s strategic goals.

Pulse provides an innovative solution to managing your culture and Measuring your organisation’s cultural performance, alongside achievement of your objectives. Clear visibility allows for an enhanced degree of control and influence over progress against key strategic goals.

Globally led, locally focused

Pulse was founded in 2008 by Sue Jauncey, Pulse’s Global Head of Product Development. Initially focusing on the Australasian market, Pulse has since expanded into a global business with a specific-specific focus.

Pulse UK has been established since 2013, specifically supporting organisational culture development from the day it started. The UK business has been pivotal in engaging with thousands of individuals across many organisations.

Pulse UK was established in 2014, supporting organisational culture development in both public and private sectors. The UK business has already engaged, connected, re-connected  and aligned thousands of individuals to their purpose across many organisations.

Pulse Global has operational teams based in Australasia, the UK and India and has supported global enterprises across multiple countries and continents.

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