Nigel Carlton

Nigel Carlton - Lead Program Director

Nigel Carlton joined the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) in 1989 where he served 22 years as an officer. As Operations Manager for the RAN’s New Generation Navy program in 2010, Nigel was introduced to Pulse Australasia and successfully ran the Navy’s Pulse across 14,000 members of the RAN.

On leaving the RAN in December 2011, Nigel undertook the role of General Manager of the Broken Hill Health Service (BHHS) in New South Wales and then in 2014 joined Pulse as Lead Program Director for the UK, delivering Pulse Culture Transformation products across a number of industries. Nigel is an experienced professional and an accomplished coach at Executive level. He has a passion for culture transformation and delivering performance through people. Nigel’s experience and passion make him an ideal match to work with clients who are equally committed to, and passionate about, the achievement of business and culture transformation.

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