– Dr Aubrey Daniels

Wise Leadership Framework

The Pulse wise leadership framework, known as Wisdom in the Workplace, was created by Pulse to compliment and enhance our Culture Pulse Program. The role of leadership within an organisation is fundamental, not only to the cultural success but to long-term strategic performance. Wisdom in the Workplace has been created to help Boards, Executives and Managers make decisions – and conduct themselves – in a manner that is in the best interests of your organisation.

Working with the Culture Pulse

For those considering our company-wide transformation program, you will be pleased to know that we automatically include our Wise Leadership Framework as part of supporting and developing the skills of the organisation’s Executive (CEO and direct reports).

Key features of our Wise Leadership framework

  • Ideal for Boards, Executives and the wider management population.
  • Focus is on three core areas – emotion, knowledge and reflection – which enhances the ability for decision making.
  • Allows Leaders to adopt a de-personalised approach to their role within the business, focusing on the best interests of all.
  • Has three checkpoints, throughout the year, with peer-reviews that assess leaders against the framework.
  • Every Leader gets a personal report with measurable scores and actions.
  • The CEO will also receive a group report with overall scores, trends, themes and the organisation’s Net Leadership Score.
  • We can also provide reports on the Net Board Score and Net Management Score.
  • Fully supported by a dedicated Pulse UK Program Director.

The impact of wise leadership on business performance

See our 2016 case study from Adventist Senior Living